Amateur Hannah Loly Defeats Veteran Competitors in $100,000 Adequan® Grand Prix at Conclusion of SIR VI

Jul 18, 2019 - 3:08 PM

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Parker, CO – July 18, 2019 – The sixth week of the competitive hunter/jumper series, Summer In The Rockies (SIR), hosted at the Colorado Horse Park (CHP), was held from Wednesday, July 10, through Sunday, July 14. The penultimate week of the series drew large exhibitor and spectator attendance for the largest week of competition. Distinguished equestrian athletes made up the order in the week’s many classes, including the apex of competition, the $100,000 Adequan® Grand Prix held on Saturday, July 13. 


Hannah Loly and Ayma De La Demi Lune captured the win in the $100,000 Adequan® Grand Prix.
© Captured Moments Photography



In front of a full house, 17-year-old Hannah Loly of Rancho Santa Fe, NM, rose to the top of the leaderboard atop her mount, Ayma De La Demi Lune, besting some of the country’s most elite equestrian athletes. The first round of the $100,000 Adequan® Grand Prix saw thirty-three entries and four pairs were invited to return for the jump-off. Loly and Ayma De La Demi Lune rode the fast track in a time of 39.172 seconds. 


Ayma_De_La_Demi_Lune_(1467)_20190714_5038 (1)
Hannah Loly, aboard Ayma De La Demi Lune, being presented top honors in the $100,000 Adequan® Grand Prix. Also pictured (From left to right): Kerri Potter, Jane Wiltz, Sarah Kelly, Melanie Brooks, Kathy Alm (CEO of PATH International), Michael Stone (President of Equestrian Sport Productions), Traci Nelson (American Regent Animal Health), Douglas Thomas (Senior Territory Manager, American Regent Animal Health), Allyn Mann (Director of Strategic Partnerships, American Regent Animal Health), John Kelly and Elizabeth Breitmeyer.
© Captured Moments Photography



Loly and the 13-year-old mare, Ayma De La Demi Lune, have found much success competing together for the last two years, “We’ve been to Young Riders twice, and the Nations Cup this past June”. Loly went on to speak about the hardship that often comes with great success, “I tore my ACL in January, I had surgery in February, and my second show back was the Nations Cup and it went really well. She has been perfect for me, I love her.”


Erin Davis-Heineking and Leonie soared to second place in the $100,000 Adequan® Grand Prix.
© Captured Moments Photography


Loly spoke of the track set by FEI course designer, Mauricio Garcia, “The course was very technical today, the triple [combination] was deceivingly scopey when you rode into it. The time was tight, you had the option of going inside the third jump to roll back into the last line and I didn’t really want to do that, but I could tell I needed to because I didn’t have all the extra time to go around. I did go inside and it worked out because I was inside the time. If I had gone around I would have had time faults.” Loly continued to speak of her plan going into the jump-off, “When I found out that Richard Spooner was in it, I went as fast as I could.” 


Richard Spooner and Quirado RC took home the yellow ribbon in the $100,000 Adequan® Grand Prix.
© Captured Moments Photography



Joining Loly on the podium was amateur rider, Erin Davis-Heineking of Aldedo, TX, who guided Leonie, owned by October Hill Hunters and Jumpers, through the jump-off timers in 40.648 seconds for second-place honors. Agua Dulce, California’s Richard Spooner came in third aboard Show Jumping Syndications International’s Quirado RC with a four fault jump-off and a time of 39.447 seconds. Everardo Hegewisch of San Diego, CA, rode his own Ircos IV for one of the four, clean first rounds, and finished his jump-off in 40.898 seconds and eight faults for fourth place.


One of only four pairs to jump off, Everardo Hegewisch and Ircos IV finished fourth in the $100,000 Adequan® Grand Prix.
© White Fence Equine Photography


The anchor week of competition, SIR VII, will be held from Wednesday, July 17, through Sunday, July 21. SIR VII will see the $25,000 Horseware Ireland® Welcome Grand Prix and the summer’s final Saturday night spotlight class, the $35,000 Horseware® Ireland Grand Prix to be held at 5:00 pm on Saturday, July 20.



Jumper Highlights


Earlier in the week, Mandy Porter of Encinitas, CA, and Wild Turkey Farm’s WT Ca-Pow! celebrated their first Grand Prix win as a team in the $25,000 Adequan® Welcome Grand Prix. Their four fault, 43.623 second jump-off beat out thirty-six other entries for the win.


Mandy Porter and WT Ca-Pow! flying high in the $25,000 Adequan® Welcome Grand Prix.
© Captured Moments Photography




“He is 10, bred by Wild Turkey Farm, which is really exciting because he is an American-bred horse,” Porter continued. “I have gotten to ride both his mother and father, we are like family, it’s really special. I am really thankful to Wild Turkey Farm and our relationship. He is just a little bit his own style. I am encouraging him to be himself yet, still get it done. He is a little bit unorthodox, so he has had to learn how to do it correctly. He wants it really bad, he goes home at the end of the day and thinks about what he just did. He is always trying to fix it.” 


Wt_Ca_Pow!_(1391)_20190712_2066 (1)
Traci Nelson, of American Regent Animal Health, presenting awards to Mandy Porter and WT Ca-Pow! and team after the $25,000 Adequan® Welcome Grand Prix.
© Captured Moments Photography



Sabine Cooper of Carlsbad, CA, rode her own Juweel Van Maarle for a second-place finish after a four fault, 43.903 second jump-off. Erin Davis-Heineking and Leonie, jumped-off in 46.082 seconds with four faults for third. 


Sabine Coopeer and Juweel Van Maarle earned second place honors in the $25,000 Adequan® Welcome Grand Prix.
© Captured Moments Photography

Erin Davis-Heineking and Leonie rounded out the top three in the $25,000 Adequan® Welcome Grand Prix.
© Captured Moments Photography



The $2,000 Holiday Inn Parker Low Children’s Jumper Classic awarded Josie Atherton of Tulsa, OK, first place aboard P3 Ventures’ Quovario Buisson Z with a jump-off time of 38.431 seconds. Ashley Simon of Steamboat Springs, CO, galloped her High Roller through the timers in 38.431 seconds for a second-place finish. Third place was awarded to Piper Bostley of Highlands Ranch, CO, and her Dad’s Trip To Tahiti who finished their jump-off in 39.879 seconds. 


The $2,000 Holiday Inn Parker Low Adult Jumper Classic saw the winning ride by Lexie McConnell of Elizabeth, CO, and Katie Hendrickson’s Atlanta after a jump-off ride in 37.673 seconds. Second place was awarded to Cara Walinsky of Colorado Springs, CO, who turned in a jump-off time of 38.869 seconds aboard her Sophie. Rachel Garcia of Fort Worth, TX, came in third aboard October Hill Farm’s Flecky 58 with a jump-off time of 39.045 seconds.


The $2,000 Front Range Kubota Modified Child/Adult Jumper Classic saw Quincy Rohrbach of Parker, CO, and Melanie Brooks’ Milo Fellini Mia awarded top honors after a jump-off time of 36.189 seconds. Second place went to Nanna Scheuer-Larsen of Plano, TX, and Brooke Peterson’s Bijou Too with a jump-off time of 37.33 seconds. Marjorie Martin of Highlands Ranch, CO, rode Nicki Wilcox’s J.E.S. Quito for the yellow ribbon with a jump-off time of 38.799.


Cecilia Pedraza of Lomas, Mexico, galloped Daniel Pedraza’s Ambar through the timers in 34.599 seconds for the win in the $4,000 Voltaire Design Modified Junior Amateur Jumper Classic. Karen Cudmore’s Rosa was expertly guided by Brooke Cudmore of Omaha, NE, for a second-place finish with a jump-off time of 35.445 seconds. Alyson Ranucci of Centennial, CO, earned third place aboard her Amos We with a jump off time of 35.845 seconds.


The $4,000 Osphos® NAL/WIHS Children’s Jumper Classic saw blue-ribbon winner Jose Manuel Quintana of Mexicali, Mexico, and Roberto Quintana Gomez’s La Vie 49 gallop through the jump-off timers in 33.421 seconds. Chiara Sassano of Erie, CO, rode her Winchester to second place after a jump-off of 37.583 seconds. Lauren Schaffer of Parker, CO, rounded out the top three after a jump-off time of 39.474 seconds atop her own Don Vegas.


Darien, Connecticut’s Hannah Gilhooey finished first in the $4,000 Osphos® NAL/WIHS Adult Jumper Classic with a 36.947 second jump-off with her own entry Cedric 42. Kristina Matthews of Denver, CO, turned in a four fault, 37.297 second jump-off atop her Neolisto Van Het Mierenhof. Molly Faunce of Littleton, CO, joined the podium in third place after a four fault score in the jump-off and a 39.099 second finish aboard her entry WT Chevelle.


Molly Canfield of Chicago, IL, and Virginia T Bartholomay’s Donnalaris led the victory gallop in the $5,000 Vita Flex NAL Low Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic after a jump-off time of 36.832 seconds. Brooke Cudmore of Omaha, NE, piloted Blaire Cudmore’s Southern Rose through the timers in 37.316 seconds for the reserve honors. Myers Family Investments’ Chico looked good in yellow after a jump-off time of 38.876 seconds with rider Ava K Myers of San Antonio, TX.


Jose Maria Quintana emerged victorious in the $5,000 Medium Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic with a 35.583 second jump-off aboard Roberto Quintana Gomez’s Stakkarouge. Karime Perez Nunez of Naucalpan, Mexico, claimed the second spot aboard Mauricio Guerra’s Giggs with a four fault jump-off of 39.619 seconds. Cecilia Pedraza of Lomas, Mexico, piloted Daniel Pedraza’s Game Boy for an eight fault jump-off of 39.158 seconds.


The $10,000 Griffis Residential High Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper Classic awarded top honors to Susan Griffis of Larkspur, CO, and Palmer Divide Ranch’s Deauville Van Overis Z who completed the jump-off in 41.792 seconds. Second place was awarded to owner/rider Nicole Peterson of Plano, TX, who turned in a jump-off time of 44.468 seconds aboard Ramona De Flobeq. Sabine Cooper of Carlsbad, CA, piloted her Juweel Van Maarle through the jump-off timers in 39.199 seconds with four faults.


Hunter Highlights


Kyle Muckler and A La Carte pleased the judges in the $5,000 USHJA Hunter Derby.
© Captured Moments Photography



The $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby saw thirty-nine trips and awarded the top honors to Kyle Muckler of Windsor Heights, IA, and Lynn Parker’s A La Carte. Dana Vollbracht’s Davidson was piloted by Amberlee Wentz of Colorado Springs, CO, for second place. Michael Dennehey of Littleton, CO, rode Renee Rainey Howard’s Hulla-Balou for the third place spot.


Kyle Muckler and A La Carte rode to the top of the leader board in the $5,000 USHJA Hunter Derby.
© Captured Moments Photography


Amberlee Wentz and Davidson completed the red-ribbon ride in the $5,000 USHJA Hunter Derby.

© Captured Moments Photography


The $100 Stirrup Hunter Classic awarded top honors to Chloe Recknor of Evergreen, CO, and her Lexington. Katie Crone’s CR Explosive was piloted by Sierra Kalb of Castle Rock, CO, to clinch second. Maggie Griar of Overbrook, KS, and ABA Hunter Ponies’ Windsor rode for third.


The $1,000 Marshall & Sterling NAL/WIHS Children’s Hunter Classic awarded top honors to Sydney Jaques of Superior, CO, and her own Just A Touch Of Dutch. Gilbert, Arizona’s Julia Sauter rode Dara Brant’s Vulkano’s Boy for second. Brynn Carroll of Littleton, CO, rode Elizabeth Hamilton’s Caviare to a third place finish. 


The $1,000 Mary Dunahay Marshall & Sterling NAL/WIHS Adult Hunter Classic awarded first place honors to Sherri Kahn of Bucyrus, KS, and her entry Walter. Lone Tree, CO’s Jennifer Singer rode her Watermark to second place. Rounding out the top three was Michaela Edwards of Anchorage, AK, and her entry Con Brio.


Aedan Mooney of Golden, CO, presented entry Shining Star in the $500 Pony Hunter Classic to earn top honors. Jordan Gibbs of Colorado Springs, CO, earned the red ribbon with her entry GF Aurelia. Hannah Wright of Broomfield, CO, and Laurie Grayson’s Just Say No claimed the third spot.


The $100 Nickerdoodles Pre-Children’s Hunter Classic named Vail, Colorado’s Nicole Wilson and her own Jackson V victorious. Ella Frahm of Flower Mound,TX, piloted Jordan Gilchrist’s Kingston for reserve. Caroline Krier of Parker, CO, piloted her own Toska to a third place finish.


Nina Donnelly of Evanston, IL, was awarded the blue in the $100 Nickerdoodles Pre-Adult Hunter Classic aboard her own Ellis Island. All In The Family carried owner/rider Amy Swanson of Denver CO, to second. Isabella Lombardo of Evergreen, CO, piloted Alexia Honegger’s Iton to third.


In the $1,000 Children’s Pony Hunter Classic Eleanor Siepel of Southlake, TX, reigned supreme aboard Clara Keath’s Nowhere Man. Earning the red ribbon was Sofia Colin of Gilbert, AZ, and Kendall Quadling’s Beaverwoods Nutmeg. Avery Newman’s Patchwork Atlas carried Maya Hagedorn of Owasso, OK, to the third spot.


The $100 Modified Adult Hunter Classic presented the blue ribbon to Lisa Philpott of Castle Rock, CO, and her Arpeggio. Golden Opportunity clinched the red ribbon with owner/rider, Heather Chenault of Parker, CO. Earning the yellow ribbon was Claire Hertel of Littleton, CO, atop Michael Kirby’s KT Belva.


Dreu Charles of Arvada, CO, rode Abigale Horn’s Little Fire to the top spot in the $100 Modified Children’s Hunter Classic. Julia Simirnow of Denver, CO, and Brannon Loomis Mooney’s Ikoon rode into second place. Owner/rider Sydney Murdoch traveled from Drisco, TX, to take third aboard C’est Si Bon.


Izabella Millmet’s RVF Carlyle and Mackenzie Carreras of Chandler, AZ, were awarded the blue ribbon in the $1,000 Platinum Performance Junior Hunter 3’3″/3’6″ Classic. Jaden Porter of Ladue, MO, and Dragonfly Farm’s Dragonfly’s Steel Octopus collected second place for their performance. Owner/rider Gentry Beresford of Cherry Hills Village, CO, piloted Camero to a third place finish.



Competition resumes on Wednesday, July 17 for the completion of the 2019 SIR series. Week VII will host the series’ final Grand Prixs, including a $25,000 Horseware® Ireland Grand Prix on Thursday, July 18, and a $35,000 Horseware® Ireland Grand Prix on Saturday, July 20.

Photo Credit ©Captured Moment Photography and ©White Fence Equine Photography. These photos may only be used in relation to this release once with proper credit.
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