SIR Pro-Tips: The Funniest Moments of the 2017 Series

Jul 20, 2017 - 4:16 PM

As week VII of the 2017 Summer In The Rockies continues, we take a look back at some of the funniest “pro-tips” that Show Manager Marion Maybank has heard around The Colorado Horse Park this summer!



“Even when you see the perfect distance, you still have to want to jump the jump.”


Student: “Remind me what I need to do on this one if the horse gets deep?”
Trainer: “Stay on.”


Student: “My pony is dirty.”
Trainer: “Didn’t you bathe him?”
Student: “Yes!”
Trainer: “Did you use soap?”
Student: “….”
Trainer: “Grand Prix riders use soap. Do you want to be a Grand Prix rider?”
Student: “Yes.”
Trainer: “…Use soap.”



Trainer: “Did you learn the derby course?”
Student: “Yes.”
Trainer: “Okay, now put your horse’s head on the board and let him learn it too.”


“I always ride in mismatched socks. It’s not luck or anything, I just lose socks.”


Student: “That oxer is huge.”
Trainer: “Yeah, it’s terrifying. I’d keep kicking if I were you. Or cry. Either.”


Trainer: “That’s the in-gate. Don’t run out of it, there’s really nothing to stop him once you leave the ring.”


Trainer: “Did you eat lunch?”
Student: “Yes…”
Trainer: “So you didn’t chip and eat his mane because you were hungry?”


Photoss courtesy of White Fence Equine Photography


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