SIR Pro-Tips: The Funniest Moments of the 2018 Series

Jul 24, 2018 - 8:30 AM



We hope that everyone not only had a great time at SIR but that you all learned a lot while you were here. Y’all dropped a lot of knowledge during your time at CHP and we feel we have a duty to pick it up and share it with the world. Read on to learn the funniest “pro-tips” overheard by Competition Manager and Director of Operations, Marion Maybank.



Trainer:  “Then left to the oxer.”

Student:  “No, not that oxer.”

Trainer:  “Yes, that oxer.”

Student:  “That’s really big.”

Trainer:  “Sure is. So go left to the biggest thing you’ve ever seen, jump it, or don’t, then either turn right to the combination or circle any direction and try it again if you took the don’t jump it option.”





“To jump the liverpool, you’re going to need to believe. Believe with all of your heart, believe with all of your soul, and believe with all of your butt muscles.”



(child, approximately 8 years old, to another child) “You can get whatever you want. It’s on a tab, so it’s free.”





Student:  “Why is my family all applauding? I went off course.”

Trainer:  “They don’t know that, smile and wave.”



Child:  “My pony likes to bite people’s heads off and then eat their bodies.”

Mother:  “She means he likes to bite the heads off of Peeps. Big difference.”



“I’m an adult amateur, of course I had a glass of wine before I got on.”





Trainer:  “It walked an 8, but a lot are doing in 7, what did you do?”

Student:  “Well, I planned to do the 8 but my horse decided we were doing 7, and he’s usually right, so I just went with it.”


“Try not to touch the neck. Unless you’re
going to fall off, then grab the neck.”


Photos courtesy of White Fence Equine Photography

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