You Might be an Equestrian if...

Jul 16, 2018 - 7:06 PM

You Might be an Equestrian if…

 Horse people are known for our quirks. We live a life like none other and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.  We asked and observed our CHP competitors and found many ways to answer the question:

You might be an equestrian if…

…you’re able to nap anywhere.CHP-9900

…you schedule all of your family travel around horse shows.
(Kaley Cuoco)

…you wear breeches and tall boots in the grocery store and don’t care! (Kristina Matthews)

…you survive off of caffeine. (Kirby Spanbauer)

…you pick up your knee right before the jump when you’re watching someone ride.

…you walk your dog with a lead rope. (Liz Porath)

…you have a golf cart, a jack russell terrier and Reeboks.
(Will Simpson)

…you always wash your hands after using a public restroom, but you’ll eat a box of donuts right after mucking stalls. (Shawn Casady) grew up jumping jumps, horseless.CHP-5733

…your dog thinks a horseshow is the world’s biggest and best dog park. (Katha Gatto)

…you walk around with green slime all over your white clothes. (Ryder Richardson)

…you wear hair nets. (Kristina Matthews)

…you bring a saddle to a party.

…you judge if your clothes are clean, or not, based on if there’s hay in the pockets.

…you cluck at people and cars.

…you have more breeches than anything else in your wardrobe. (Bronwen Cheney)

…you don’t go a single day without horses being somehow involved. (Derek Braun)

…you have been driving a golf cart since before you could walk.

…you count strides between telephone poles or cracks in the road. (Ryder Richardson)

…you have a permanent farmer’s tan. (Michael Tokaruk)

…you feel the need to tell your 1,200 lb. creature that he doesn’t need to be scared of the purple flowers.
(Marion Maybank)

…riding a mini-bike with boots attached to your belt is considered normal.

…you have hay inside of your car. And your clothes. And your hair. And maybe your soul.
(Marion Maybank)

…you schedule your shoulder surgery during your honeymoon. (Kaley Cuoco)

…you have moderate to severe joint and muscle pain.
(Michael Tokaruk)

…you have your own method of hands-free.CHP-0726

…you don’t own makeup because you only wear sunscreen.
(Kasey Ament)

…you share a slobbered-on apple with your horse, aka best friend. (Natasha Traurig)

…you can fit a 6-horse trailer at into a parking spot at Safeway. (Natascha Gates)

…you would take a pony-party over a coffee date, any day.

…you ask “did she go yet?” 17 times a day. (Katha Gatto)

…you are immune to the horsey smell and think you smell fine! (Brooke Peterson)

…your jogging outfit includes tall boots and a crop.CHP-8598

…you have lost count of how many times you have fallen off a horse. (Hannah Rohrbach)

…you feel more comfortable going out in public in your riding clothes than your work clothes.
(Devon Eret)

…you say ‘whoa’ to your dog. (Antonie de Faria e Castro)

…your dog’s got your back.

…you spend more on your horse’s shoes than your own.
(Alexia Honegger)

…you actually think your horse might be a unicorn. (Katha Gatto)

…this is one of your favorite places on earth.

©Kristin Rashid/CHP

White Fence Equine Photography

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